About The Appy Advisor Mobile App Awards

The Appyadvisor awards were created to celebrate the best mobile apps and games available, as chosen by public audience ,readers choice follwed by panel of expert judges. Our goal is to help gather together the very favorite apps of the real users, not just the best-selling/downloaded and popular ones.

It has all the categories in the store and they developers can happily submit the app for the contest.

We concentrate on all platforms( Android, iOS, windows, App watch, Blackberry).

Making the app is only a small part of the process. There are so many apps on the stores that have awesome functionality but no one knows about it because it's not been marketed well. We'll take you through the 100% of app marketing that generates 80% of the results. So you can take your app and turn it into a hit on the App Stores , we are here to help you! We will be happy to give you a consultation on App Marketing!

Most apps are doomed to the same fate: They sit unseen, undiscovered, and un-downloaded in the hidden depths of the App Store, hoping that users can find them by searching persistently. Appyadvisor will get you the breakthrough!

Submit your app and increase your chance if winning!!!