Entering an open award contest

The AppyAdvisor App Awards staff wants to make it simple for you to submit your mobile apps to one of our open award contests to be considered by our committee of expert app designers and developers. Once your app is submitted to one of our contests, it will go through our comprehensive judging process. Below you will see our Submission Guidelines to help you better understand what we look for in our app contests.

Submission Guidelines:

  • The Appyadvisor awards has all the categories in the store and they developers can happily submit the app for the contest.
  • Developers need to direct their users/followers to the website so they can vote their favourite app (tell them which category), they then need to get as many people to vote for it as possible.
  • Top 10 Apps in each category which records most votes from public audience will be taken for Jdge panel consideration.
  • Once your app is submitted, you will be listed with the other nominees. There is no advantage in the judging process for apps submitted earlier than others, but it does give your mobile app longer exposure on our website.
  • All app submissions MUST be in English.
  • Then based on the below factors maximum 3 Apps in each category will be awarded as Top Spot winners in each contests.
    • App design and functionality.
    • Problem solving / idea of the App.
    • Uniqueness of the App.
    • Potential of  the product to do in the Market.
    • Our goal is to honor the best mobile apps and games available.
  • We concentrate on all platforms( Android, iOS, windows, App watch, Blackberry).
  • Making the app is only a small part of the process. There are so many apps on the stores that have awesome functionality but no one knows about it because it's not been marketed well. We'll take you through the 100% of app marketing that generates 80% of the results. So you can take your app and turn it into a hit on the App Stores , we are here to help you! We will be happy to give you a consultation on App Marketing!
  • Most apps are doomed to the same fate: They sit unseen, undiscovered, and un-downloaded in the hidden depths of the App Store, hoping that users can find them by searching persistently. Appyadvisor will get you the breakthrough!

Once all of these guidelines are complied with, please fill out the form and click submit.

If you still have questions about the submission process please contact us. We would love to hear from you.

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