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Sminq - World's Places

Share and explore what’s happening at places around you with Sminq app. Sminq is a platform where global community posts live and real time situations being witnessed. Stay a step ahead with "Sminq" by checking out the live information about the places you plan to visit.

In just a few seconds you can post your experience and let people around the globe discover the trending places along with you. "Sminq" also sorts feeds based on relevance and shows you the top comments about the places you visit or you are most interested in so that you never miss out the interesting feeds.

From places being crowded to products not available; a situation being witnessed or waiting time at restaurants, government offices, popular monuments, etc. being high; May be your favorite celebrity being sited nearby; share all live and real time updates places at Sminq and help people across the world get notified about the place.

Sminq makes it easier for all to peek into a place virtually.

✓Make your places live for the world to see
✓Follow places and know what is happening at your places
✓Explore what places are trending near you
✓Discover which of your posts have helped people

Start your own network and unfold new interesting places over "Sminq". Notify all and get notified instantly about the whereabouts of your regular visited places. Download the app "Sminq" to explore many more places and find out what’s trending at places around the world. Stay tuned for live updates from places you wish to visit and share your experience with your friends, family and peer across the world.

We are constantly working on improving your experience with Sminq app and make it more useful for you. If you have any suggestions/queries to make the app better, feel free to write to us. We would love to hear from you. We need your constant support to help us get going and make the app better.

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