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Natural Sight Without Glasses

Our App was design to be very simple, unitarian and informative but fun, kinda keeping with the theme of the original book circa 1920, there is no real outward flash, just an app that works unbelievably well and will do what it says. It is builded on Swift 4 and Apple's Cord Data API with a default store, in other words the code is the flashy part.

With this review we want to see if SniperSight is as intuitive to use as we tried to build it, with that in mine, we are not supplying a lot of details on use here, the app should be pretty self contained --user friendly we hope.

There is one thing: For best results on some of the techniques you must download/print out a copy of the eye chart from our support site :)

We hope you love it,

What does it do?
SniperSight™ offer the opportunity for natural perfect eye sight at any age- no contacts, no glasses, no surgery, completely organized for iOS.

Why do you need it?
For all those people who wish to no longer use corrective lenses or get surgery. Whether you have just recently started to wear glass or worn them for years SniperSight is for you.

Who is it for?
At some point you may be fitted for lenses.
99 percent of people over the age of 45 use glasses, contacts, or other corrective measures, either all the time or for reading. If you want and like having good vision— SniperSight is for you.

What makes it stand out from the crowd?
These are the highly sought after original eye exercise techniques known also as The Bates Method, Simplified.

Circa 1920, Dr. Horatio Bates perfected a system for correcting eyesight without the aid of glasses. This original system, now SniperSight™, is for all eye disorders for which glasses are fitted, including all refractory troubles. Will it work for you? You find out.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Devices and Platforms Supported:

  • iPhone / iPad

App Categories:

  • Health & Fitness

Nominated for:

  • Best Health and Fitness App - November 2018
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