Tower location & Lat Long

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Tower location & Lat Long


1. Capture Tower Location(s) (GSM ONLY): Capture current tower location of GSM phones in MCC-MNC-LAC-Cid format. With capturing switch ON as the gsm cell tower location of the phone changes, the same is listed to the user. The results can be clicked to see the location on Google map with Latitude, Longitude & Address string.

current location is shown on top.

Though this feature works without internet it is advised to keep internet ON for better results.

MCC - Mobile Country Code
MNC - Mobile Network Code
LAC - Location Area Code
Id - Tower Id\Cell Id

2. Find Tower Address : Converts Tower\Cell id Coordinates expressed as MCC- MNC-LAC-Id format into Latitude, Longitude & address string which is shown onto the google map.

you can select the input format for LAC & CId as either Numeric or Hexadecimal (without '0x' prefix).

NOTE: Kindly choose the right format of your input otherwise you may get unexpected results.

3. Reverse GeoCode: Convert multiple Latitude,Longitude pairs (One per line) to Address string results. The results can be clicked to see location on google map.

4. Use the Share button to either SAVE/SHARE results. Results can be saved to clipboard or any other text application.

5. Google Map: Results are shown onto the google map. Map View can be changed to various view types:

Depending upon your internet speed, it may take time to fully load google map.

Permissions Required:

1. Internet Access required as the app doesn't work without internet connection.
2. Network access
3. Phone state access for capturing GSM tower locations.

Privacy Policy:

Thanks to Google for providing Maps & other location services.

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